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Related post: Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 09:21:00 +0100 From: A.K. Subject: Ricardo 14/14 (relationships)----------------------------RICARDO by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2009 written on on June 2, 2002 translated by the author English text kindly revised by Randhir-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"RICARDO" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not russian wide open pussies good litle porn russian for you, it will russian lolas be better not russian nudists photos to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, russian girl 01 or because 16 russian girl pics you think you really russian schoolgirl 14 want to read it, please be russian cherry porn my welcomed guest.-----------------------------Chapter 14 - PIETROAmongst my friends and acquaintances, Pietro is one of those that I like the least. This is because he entices young boys, thirteen or fourteen years old, amuses himself with them for a couple of years then jilts them. I never understood paedophiles. I mean people like Pietro Villa who always chases thirteen year old boys. I therefore never searched for him and if I meet him at a friend's home, I simply try to be polite with him.Besides the fact I ask myself adult dating russian women what he can find in a thirteen or fourteen year old boy, as evidently he finds something in them - the boy still doesn't have the ability russian photo nudist to make a choice, to decide, he is easily influenced. Moreover such an experience nude russian art photos can also leave trauma on the boy. I agree that Pietro doesn't russian ilegal movies use violence on them, that as he says, he uses russian girls sex video a lot of gentleness, that he doesn't take porno pictures or movies, that he doesn't prostitute them. I can believe all that.But if our law establishes to sixteen years the limit beyond which having sex with a fully consenting boy is not a crime, I think that there should be a valid reason.Aldo, who free russian lollita was a high school class-mate of Pietro, nude russian hotties says that already then while Aldo was looking blackcat russian girls for twenty russian ladys icq years old mates, that is partners were at least three, four years older, Pietro was already looking for middle school boys youn russians porno to take into his bed and fuck. And he says free russian lollita clip that in that time as now, he was able to do that as easily as now. But one thing is a sixteen-year old boy who has sex with a thirteen-year old one, and another thing when the older family incest party russian one is an adult - it's totally different.When Pietro wants to find a new boy, he starts to walk around the places where there are middle school boys - the gardens near their schools, the games halls, the movies theatres, and so on. He starts to chat with them, and he is good at that, he perfectly knows the subjects that they like, he subscribes to nude hot russian girls kids magazines and russian illegal naked to five or six comic strips magazines. He russian family porno has russian private pics a set of videos that the kids like. His home, if he was not there, could seem a perfect club topless russian girl for middle school boys.For several days russian swinger he just russian illegal porno chats with them. He does so as to be liked, not only to the boy he is targeting, but to all his little friends. When the boys start to show they are happy to meet him, to spend their time with him, he starts to be a little more kind with the "chosen" one, he makes him russian sex pictures free gradually feel special.He invites the boy that interests him with russian anal sex two or three of his friends, once to the movies, another time at a bar, once at a games hall russian girl fingered arse always on him. But while the two or three friends are each time different, the chosen one is of course russian naturist sites always invited. He then starts to invite the chosen boy to his home, each time with different friends, at times with some he already invited. Nothing special happens - they play, look at videos, read comic strips, and eat sweets. At his home there aren't neither porno videos nor videos with a gay content.He finally starts to invite only the one he is targeting. Several times. Always apparently innocent invitations. He makes the boy feel increasingly at ease, fills him with attention, and tells him that he really is a special boy, the best of all. He little by little creates intimacy, ever growing complicity, until he arrives to hug him, to caress him. But this also very gradually, from a friendly gesture to more intimate caresses when he feels the boy is nature voyeur russian ready… and it seems that no one of them withdraws.He then passes to pecks, then nude russian blonde pics to kisses, then to more intimate caresses… and finally takes them in his bed. He brings them to a reciprocal masturbation. russian thumbs gallery He convinces them to let him undress them, to undress him, to kiss each other all over the body, to suck each other and finally to let him penetrate them. And again, he says, he is almost always successful. The boy is russian electrical nerve stimulation at this point totally in his hands, ready to be "loved by his man" as Pietro russian woman sex slaves puts it. That is they allow him to fuck them until he gives them the sack, to start again the hunt for a new boy.It russian babe nude takes him about six months or forced russian girl one year to bring them to let him penetrate them, and then he enjoys them for one to three years at most. He makes me think of a spider weaving his net - a masterwork of patience and art, to finally devour his victim.When I told all this panties russian tgp to Ricardo, he smiled and said that possibly it is not as I think. He told me that it is not said he harms those boys. In his opinion Pietro is able to choose those who, sooner or later, will do it, if not with russian retro porn Pietro, with somebody else. He also said that in his opinion the trauma advert russian gymnastics topless happens much more because of the reaction of the other adults than for the fact in itself, at least when there isn't violence, be it physical or psychological. According to nude russian gymnist Ricardo if the adults, the families, didn't make of that a tragedy, the boy would not undergo a trauma.Seeing that I was not convinced, he told me titties russian about himself.Ricardo had his first experience when he was twelve with a paedophile who was fifty years old, who met him in the street. The man started to say hallo, to be kind with him, to offer him russians free pics an ice cream. He invited him two russian nationalist art or three times at his place. He caressed him, undressed him and deflowered him."We didn't know each russian naturist gallery other that for three weeks." Ricardo said. "Nothing compared to the six months of Pietro."Ricardo said that he perfectly knew where that man was aiming, he understood very well, and he didn't have any russian girl masha problem."But you Brazilian boys are possibly more precocious than Italian boys." I said him."It could be, I think you can be right, at twelve I was like a fifteen year old Italian boy, both physically and sexually, and perhaps also for the maturity, even though it is difficult to make comparisons. But that man made me feel important - finally an adult man was incest sex russian caring for me, understood me, and appreciated me. Adults are very skilled to make a nudist russian girl boy feel that he has no value, and that he counts for nothing, even if they spoil him. The most of times adults make you feel useless, if not even annoying. They don't have time for you. That man was totally different from the other adults, he made me feel precious." Ricardo said."Yes, only because he wanted your little arse, just for that." I said."Yes, it free thumbnails gay russian could be, it's possible. dirty russian girls But sucking him and giving him my arse in exchange of his attentions, of what he gave me, was little thing, believe me. And also letting him take russian girls sucking cock me was agreeable, and not only physically. I don't say that they all are so, but those like that man or like Pietro, naked russian twins well, I wouldn't condemn them. russian femdom cbt I'm not talking about paedophiles who fuck ten year old boys or even younger than that, of course.""It's not without reason if the law established the age of consent at sixteen year. And the new law says that the minimum age lowers to thirteen years, provided that the difference of age is not more that three years, and this seems a good improvement. I would make a new law that I would call russian naked actress gallery the minus ten galeries russian yung - Any boy can have sex with anyone who has with him a boys gay russian ural difference of age equal to his age minus ten." I said."What do you mean?" Ricardo asked knitting his eyebrows."I mean that if the boy is ten years old, then minus ten is zero, therefore he can have sex only with another boy of ten years. If he is eleven years old, eleven minus ten is one, therefore her can have sex with a boy not older than his age plus one, that is twelve. If he is twelve, he can do it with a fourteen year old boy, raped russian girls and at thirteen with a sixteen years old one, at fourteen with an eighteen, at fifteen with a twenty years old illegal porn russian and at sixteen with whomever he wants."Ricardo laughed."Why are you laughing? Don't you think it's good?""Yes, I think it is, but happily you stopped at sixteen.""Why?" I asked him."Because as I am twenty years old, according to your law I wouldn't have been allowed to make love with you.""And that would even be right for you…" russian youth naked pics I said, thoughtful."Would you please take on board the idea that your age is just right for me?" Ricardo said tenderly embracing me."When Pietro was in high school he hunted for thirteen years boys, Aldo the twenty year olds, and they both still voyeur web russian russian ftp download movie continue on in this way, they both didn't change. After all I'm not so different to them." I said.Ricardo smiled, shaking his head, "No, you cannot compare yourself to them, you are special. I would have come with you if I were just twelve, and I would come with you also if I were sixty!"I answered him, laughing, "I wouldn't be able to come with you neither if you were twelve nor if you were sixty. I met you at the right age, I think."Ricardo smiled again, "So, at last, are you convinced that you and I have the right age?"Yes, I'm starting to be extreme underground russian nude persuaded, but above all I'm sure that my Ricardo russian nudisten kids pics is the right person for me.A couple of weeks ago I went to Pietro's home with Sandro and Aldo to talk about the Camilla who is russian top100 pretten girls in hospital. She too got AIDS, and she doesn't russian sex tours have anybody to care for her, therefore Aldo proposed we do something for her. We agreed to go to see her in turn, to see litle russian kid links if she needs something, to try to make her feel a little less lonely. Even though I never liked so much the queens, Camilla, or to better say Fausto, is russian sweet sexy girls an exception.Sandro at a certain point saw a picture album and asked Pietro if he could thumb through it."Sure, there are the pictures of my boys, they all are there." Pietro said almost with pride.None of us ever met or saw one of Pietro's boys, so I too went to look at that gallery of "trophies". Almost all the pictures were shot in the open air, in a park, in front of a shop, some also at home, but none of them is risqué. At most there is a boy in a beach, wearing his bathing suit, and there are plenty of other people around and nothing in any of these pictures can make you think that between Pietro and one of those boys there could be anything more than a normal friendship. They are like my pictures with russian anorexic nudes my nephew. Also when somebody shot a picture with Pietro together with a boy, they simply are side by side, smiling. Each page is devoted to one of his boys, with five or six pictures. Each page has the boy's name and under each picture the date and place where it was shot.Sandro turned a page and I at once recognise Donato, Marcello's friend - in that picture he russian porno underground was thirteen. Even without the name written down it I would have had no doubts it was he. I said nothing; we ended looking at the album. But the coincidence hit me. There is enough confidence with Donato, so I decided to talk of it to him.When I met him in private, I asked him, "You know, you never told me russian paysites who had been your first man, how old were you, how did it happen. I would like to know…"Donato, quietly, told me.He was russian adult videos twelve when he met a man. They always met in front of the school - when they were going home, he always passed there, almost every day. Once, running out, one of his classmates banged against that man. He apologised, the man just smiled. In the following days they started to say hallo. He was a fascinating type, his name was Pietro, was thirty-years old, but differently from all the other adults, he "spoke our language".They gradually became friends and Donato, who was starting to understand he was attracted to men, became friends with Pietro much prepubescent russian nudes more than his other mates and started to go to meet him also alone. Until Pietro one day, while they were watching TV sexy russian girl put an arm around his shoulders. Donato got a feeling of warmth, of pleasure and leaned against him.Pietro russian nude pics caressed him lightly, tenderly, and said him, "I like you a lot, Donato. I'm so glad you are here with me." Then asked him, "May I give you a kiss?"Donato said he could. Now, each time he went to see Pietro, they embraced, kissed, caressed each other and Donato was feeling happy. When Pietro started to move aside his clothes to caress his bare skin, to kiss him on his body, he let him do that and loved that too.Donato told me that each time Pietro was pushing a russian sexygirl movie pic little further his touching, and he understood too well where he was aiming, and he just waited with pleasure. One day Pietro asked him if he wanted to lie with him and for the first time they undressed. Pietro made him come with his mouth and Donato liked that so much that he too wanted sexy russian babes to do it to the man. They said they loved each other. And when, after a few times, Pietro made him understand he desired to take his russian boy cock virginity, Donato offered it to him without any bdsm russian free pics hesitation."He had been very gentle, and although it annoyed me a little, I wanted him to go on, to take me, I wanted to be his boy." Donato said."Wasn't he too old for you? He could busty russian fuck almost russian girls escort introduction russian mature porn videos be your father…" I objected."No. He was able to understand us as no adult was able to do, and at the same time he made naturist pics russian me feel more adult. I remember that thinking to my secret meeting with Pietro, inside myself I was looking down on my classmates - thank to Pietro and to free russian nude girl the so agreeable sex we had together, I was feeling more adult than them. Pietro never treated me as a kid, but as a peer and was really making me feel adult.""But it was always who took you…" I said."No. When I asked him, he said, of course, Donato. I hoped you would ask me.""But then he stopped seeing you and went to look for a younger boy, didn't he? You said you were with him for two years.""Yes, that's right." he said looking at me, as if he was asking himself how I could know."Didn't you feel bad?""No, because Pietro, as I said, made me feel adult, also, and specially, when I was fifteen and explained me that I was becoming too old for him. You pussy russian pics see, everybody was saying to me: you have 'only' fifteen years, you have still to grow up, and on the contrary he said: you have grown up, you have matured, you are becoming a man: finally! And I was happy.""Then… you russian pubescent girls would do it again with that Pietro?""If I were thirteen? Of course I russian amatuers would do it again with him. It is thanks to him that I understood to be really gay, and that I accepted it, thanks to his gentleness." Donato said, russian holiday lesbian dvd self-confident."Don't you think that a boy of just thirteen can russian adult tv downloads be influenced by such an experience, especially by a man so skilled like that Pietro? That he can convince himself to be gay even if he isn't?"Donato looked at me with a smile, and shook his head, "You are like all the adults: you think that a kid is not yet able to understand, to decide. No, if I weren't gay I would not have lasted for two years dark studio girls russian with Pietro, and anyway with the first girl making me sweet eyes, I would have stopped to do it with those of my own sex. Aren't you to convinced that it is possible to make gay who isn't?" he asked."No, you are right. But it is also true that at that age a kid is still deeply and easily influenced…""Yes, in the sense that he is still able to live his experiences without prejudices. The maximum I concede you, is that a straight kid can discover, thanks to a man like Pietro, that it is not so important having sex with russian mature women fucking a man or a woman, provided the partner is the right person. Pietro never forced me to do anything. At most he made me want to do… I could have said no in any moment and he would not have insisted, demanded, I'm more than sure."I was at that point seeing Pietro under different eyes, even though I still think that my law of the minus ten would be the best solution. Even if Ricardo says that nobody's sexuality can be regulated by a law. I could possibly not to understand the kids, as Donato says, but… All right, Pietro is not a boy's russian girls internet scam rapist, he Pretty russian sexy girls can even have values, but I'm going on to ask myself how a man can desire a just post-pubertal adolescent.Could it be the subtle pleasure of russian porn streaming "initiating" a boy to life and vombat russian girls to sexuality?Or instead, were perhaps the Greeks right that each boy should be entrusted to an adult to be routed on the road of sexuality???------------------------------NOTE (to avoid any misunderstanding) The Author doesn't condone, under any circumstance and any reason, the sexual relationship between an adult person and a minor russian personals below the legal age of consent, not even when the latter asks for it.-----------------------------THE END-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to read them, the URL ishttp://andrejkoymasky.comIf you want to send me russian bare nudes feed-back, or desire to help revising my English translations, so that I can put metart russian girl on-line more of russian nude ladies my stories in russian cz 52 English please e-mail
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